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Georgetown County Museum is proud of the thousands of artifacts in our collections which have all been donated by members of the community.

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During the War Between the States, Georgetown was well represented with the Georgetown Rifle Guards.  Little action was seen here locally, but the town was occupied by Federal forces from 1865 to 1868.  Near the end of the war, ransacking of Plantations was common.



Georgetown has experienced every conflict in United States history.  We have muskets dating from 1816 to 1863 and many pieces of equipment soldiers carried and used.  Uniforms from World War I, World War II, and most branches of the United States Military are found upstairs in our collection.



In the 1850s Georgetown County was the wealthiest county in the entire United States.  Rice planters became rich and powerful based on the labor of thousands of enslaved Africans.  The Gullah language and culture evolved and thrived in this difficult environment.



After the Civil War, Georgetown became a destination for wealthy northerners hunting duck and deer.  Georgetown was visited by Presidents, Royalty, and many famous Americans who left their mark here.



The history of education in Georgetown begins with America's first free school, founded in 1757 by the Winyah Indigo Society.  That history continues through segregation and integration to the present.



Our museum explores all the factors that have shaped Georgetown's economy for 300 years.  These include timber, indigo, rice, paper, steel, the maritime industry, and tourism.

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We have an extensive collection of artifacts, donated by local residents, that remind us of everyday life through the many years of our history.  Enjoy these items in our second floor gallery.

Collections: What We Do


Our archives room includes a number of resources for both genealogy and historic research.  We have received many publications and scrapbooks on various subjects, and files full of information from A to Z.  Books, pamphlets, letters, reports, high school yearbooks, news clippings, and much more are there for visitors to use.

If you are researching  topic, please contact us to see if we have any related information, and we can set an appointment for you to view the materials. 

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