The Georgetown County Historical Society

The mission of the Georgetown County Historical Society is to preserve and promote the history of Georgetown County from its origins to the present, providing perspective on the past and a legacy for the future. 

The Society formed in 1955, and its founding members knew from the beginning that a museum was needed to tell the story of Georgetown and its heritage.  The original "museum" consisted of five display cases upstairs in the Georgetown County Library.  One display case was placed downstairs in a public area of the Library with plans to rotate the articles from time to time.  


In 2005, the Society secured a building on Prince Street through the generosity of Jody Tamsberg, a local businessman.   With the growth of the museum, space became limited, and a new site was needed.  A vacant Georgetown County office building at 120 Broad Street became available. 

The Society renovated the building from a multitude of offices to open gallery space on 2 floors, and the present museum opened in 2013.


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Memberships in the Society, sales in the Rice Trunk Gift Shop, and our programs and fundraising events are our main sources of income.  We receive no funding from any governmental agency except through occasional grants for marketing efforts.  


We rely on the generous support from our Members and Volunteers

Your support is important to our work at Georgetown County Museum. There are many ways you can contribute toward our causes, and every dollar that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to help preserve the rich history of Georgetown County.

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Help Us Achieve our Mission

The Georgetown County Museum could not exist without the support of the community.  Volunteering is an easy and fun way of contributing to the work we do here.  We need museum docents and help in the Gift Shop. We can work around your schedule. Get in touch with any questions about how you can partner with us today.


Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Georgetown County Museum even better than it already is.  Please choose your membership level from the options below.  If you have questions, call us at 843-545-7020, or use the contact form on our home page.

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Pay by Credit Card
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Robin Salmon - President
William H. Boyd - Treasurer
William D. Pavy - Secretary
Lauren Joseph - Board Member
Ed Kimbrough - Board Member
Katrina Lawrimore - Board Member
Molly Mercer - Board Member

Museum Manager
Mike Norris

Kaye Allen
Christine Anderson
Dick Austin

Cheryl Bellune
Mary Boyd
Sharon F. Corey
Jill DeMarchi
Rene' King
Robert Kettrell
Katrina Lawrimore

John Litton
Jan McGinty

Kay Nance
Stephen Stevens

Janet Williams

Our Members
As of September 30, 2021
We appreciate the Generous and Continued Support of our Members

Linda Abate
H.T. Abbott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allee

Katherine Allen
The Rev. & Mrs. C. F. Allison

Robert Barrineau
Ms. Patricia Bates
Mr. & Mrs. William Bellune, Jr.

Rev. & Mrs. Gary Beson
Mr. & Mrs. Tez Bonnoitt

Capt. & Mrs. Mickey Bourne
Kathy M. Boyd

Mary Boyd
William H. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Brodhead
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Bull
Nancy & Judson Busbee
Andrew Cardinale, Jr.
Elizabeth R. Cathcart
Nancy Kauzor Cave
Mr. Ted Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. George Chastain

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clark
David Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Collins
Ms. Carla Cooper
Ms. Sharon Corey
Ms. Nancy Corrigall
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Craig

Ms. Cassandra Crump
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daragan
Mr. & Mrs. Clary Dawson

Elizabeth Dawson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Delapp
Mr. & Mrs. Al DeMarchi

Bill Doar, Jr.
Ms. Geraldine Duff
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Dugan

Ms. Joan Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Levon Dunn

Linda Dusenbury
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Elliott

Sarah Elliott
Ms. Maura Flannery
Laurens Floyd
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Fogel
Mrs. F.B. Ford
Ronnie Ford

Diane W. Fox
Pamela Gardner
Sarah Gillespie
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Gilmore

Mr. Tommy Graham
Ms. Roz Greenspon
Dr. Mary Ann Haden
Ms. Angela Hamer
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Harmon
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Harper
Mr. Robert D. Harper, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hatchell
Ms. Laura Hendrick
Ms. Corinne Hoch
Mr. & Mrs. David Hodges
Horry County Museum
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hoyle

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hudson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hudson

Mr. Kevin Jayroe
Mr. Gordon Jenkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Johnstone, Jr.
Mr. Hank Jones

Daphne and Raad Joseph
Dr. & Mrs. Johnny Joseph
Mr. & Mrs. David Kauffman
Mr. Tom Kazukynas
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Keenan

Ms. Diane Kelley
John Kenny

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kimbrough
Mr. Francis King

Mr. Rene' King
Mr. Robert Kittrell
Ms. Jene Klopp
Ms. Margaretta Knox
Ms. Patricia Kolencik
Ms. Katrina Lawrimore
Mrs & Mrs. Rickie Lemay
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. Lemon
Mr. Mark Lindsey
Mr. & Mrs. John Litton
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lumpkin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Maloney III
Judge & Mrs. David Maring
Dr. & Mrs. John Matheson
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Mazingo-Niles
Ms. Robin McCall

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert McClary
Ms. Patricia McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Mac McGinty

Ms. Suzanne McIntyre
Ms. Ruth McLellan
Ms. Celeste Mellas
Molly Mercer

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Miller
Ms. Vida Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Moeller

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mosimann, Jr.
Ms. Mary Paige Murray
Ms. Kathryn R. Nance

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Newby


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Newton
Michael Norris
Mr. & Mrs. Skip Norris
Mr. & Mrs. William Otis, Jr.
Mr. Richard Ott
Ms. Linda Overman
Ms. Sylvia Owens

Mr. & Mrs. John Parker
Ms. Sylvia Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. James Passmore
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Pavy
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Pavy

Mr. & Mrs. Bony Peace
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Phelan
Lt. Col. & Mrs. A.L. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prevost
Ms. Kim Price
Ms. Sandra Quinn
David Reddick

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Riddle
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Robb
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Rosen

Ms. Anna Bourne Roycroft 
Dr. & Mrs. Mac Sawyer

Ms. Robin Salmon
Mr. Augustus Schwacke III
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Scoville
John Seibels

Ms. Madeline Singer
Mr. Clarence Smalls
Ms. Penelope Stokes Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Jody Tamsberg
Mr. & Mrs. Glennie Tarbox
Mr. & Mrs. Zeb Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Bobo Thompson
Ms. Linda Thomson
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Truluck

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Truluck
Mr. & Mrs. Alec Tuten

Ms. Margaret Ulrichsen
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace Vaught

Ms. Ola Watson
Mr. Vince Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whatley
Ms. Anne Whitaker

Wildes Financial Stragegies
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Carey Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Young
Ms. Lori Ann Zito